11 March 2022 - 5:00 pm

Writing Spark #77

A sparkling burning firework.

Is this a prompt you can get in touch with?

You hate using the phone. No matter how careful you are, you always call the wrong number. Somehow, though, it always seems to be the right call.

Like the time you didn’t feel well and tried to call your doctor, and wound up calling your butcher by mistake. It turns out they’d had a batch of bad meat and they told you to go to hospital right away. Or the time you tried to book a hair appointment and dialled your mother instead, and found out your sister had just gone missing. 

Your sister was found, and now, years later, she’s having a baby. You want to call to see if she has given birth yet, but you’re afraid to dial the number. Who will you get this time? What if it’s that cute person you just met? Or the morgue?

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