Writers’ Asylum

This way lies madness. Or salvation. One of those.
(Picture by ark4n)

1 day, 5 challenges, 1,000 words each. Can you keep up?

Welcome to the Asylum.

This is a chance to try something outside your usual realm. Step outside of your comfort zone. Stretch into a new area. Do something just a little crazy, because it’s fun.

Here’s the story so far:

2013: the first Writers’ Asylum
6 challenges in 6 hours, in a day full of craziness. The challenges were across different genres, different subjects, different styles.

2014: Writers’ Asylum: Altered Perspectives
The Asylum narrowed its lens to focus on a single theme. There were 5 challenges across the day (with a break for lunch because the inmates got restless without sustenance last time), and each featured a different kind of point of view character.

2015: Writers’ Asylum: Colonising Minds
The Asylum shifted focus again: this time, the challenges move around a central story about a colony.

2016: Writers’ Asylum: Mental Battlefields.
This time, the Asylum focussed on the story of a single battle, within the scope of a wider war.

2017: Writers’ Asylum: Murder in Mind
We’re throwing a party in the Asylum, but it doesn’t go well for everyone.

2018: Writers’ Asylum: Mind and Spirit
There’s something supernatural going on! Each challenge has an extra bonus part for you to enjoy, too.

2019: Writers’ Asylum: Time out of Mind
Something is wonky in history, but will you have the time to fix it?

2020: Writers’ Asylum: Love in Mind
Every relationship has its ups and downs, these challenges take you on the ride.

2021: Writers’ Asylum: Superpowered
Where will super powers take you? Jump in and find out!

2022: Writers’ Asylum: Altered Dimensions
Join us for a multi-dimensional adventure!

The next Asylum will open its doors on 18th June 2022.

Here is the breakdown of the day:

Time (Brisbane)Item
11:00amOpening address / Prologue
11:10am - 12:10pmChallenge #1
12:20pm - 1:20pmChallenge #2
1:20pm - 2:00pmLunch
2:00pm - 3:00pmChallenge #3
3:10pm - 4:10pmChallenge #4
4:20pm - 5:20pmChallenge #5
5:20pmClosing address / Epilogue

Join us:

  • Online: the challenges will be going up in tandem here on my writing blog and we will be broadcasting them on the Discord server! Join us!
  • In person: in Brisbane at the Coffee Club at Milton. To find us, head to the back of the restaurant and look for the forest of laptops. That’s us! For 2022, we are going completely virtual! Join us online.

(The usual disclaimer: adult themes and subjects will be discussed, so this event will be unsuitable for children.)

For the latest news about this event, check out the posts tagged with ‘Writer’s Asylum’. The challenges are also available in the Writing Prompts and Challenges category.

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