25 February 2022 - 5:00 pm

Writing Spark #76

A sparkling burning firework.

Where will this dreamlike prompt take you?

You have been having a recurring dream for months. Always the same one: you are at school, where everything is fine except for that dream thing where voices sound wrong and the colours are off. You write the date at the top of your notes for each class. The day progresses normally until you walk into the cafeteria for lunch and everyone stops and looks at each other. Then you are falling until you flinch yourself awake. 

Over and over, the same dream about the same day, years ago. You don’t remember anything odd happening that day. Finally, you look up the day in question, and you find that nothing happened on that day. Nothing at all: there are no news reports, no weather records, no births or deaths, no proof anywhere that the day happened at all. The days either side seem quite normal; there is just that date in between that everything seems to skip over. The date that you wrote at the top of your notes for each class.

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