25 March 2022 - 5:00 pm

Writing Spark #78

A sparkling burning firework.

A bright prompt to light your way into a new story:

The office building where you work has always struggled to be eco-friendly. They tried lights that automatically shut off, but they never seemed to work. The timers kept turning the lights off in sections at different times, and only for half an hour at a time, no matter what they were set to. Sensors were constantly being tripped, so the lights just stayed on. They asked the cleaning crew to turn off the lights as they cleaned, but after the crew finished a floor, someone else would come along and turn them all on again.

Finally, the building management instituted a simple policy: last one out turns off the lights. The problem was that there always seemed to be someone there, working away, just out of sight but audible. Typing or shuffling or closing drawers. And so the lights stayed on. The lights are always on.

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