1 May 2021 - 3:10 pm

Superpowered: Challenge #4

Your character has made it through their most vicious challenge. They are alive, but how well have they survived it?

What were the outcomes of their encounter with their own personal nemesis? What did they lose? What were the costs? What did they learn? Did they learn anything at all or are they refusing to acknowledge it?

It’s time for your character to come to terms with what happened. What impact does this nemesis have on your character? Is the impact immediately obvious or does it take some time for your character to realise its full effect?

What kind of effect does it have? Is it a physical consequence of the confrontation: an injury, a torn cape, a noticeable scar? Is it something internal: a shaking of confidence; a breaking of trust; a questioning of things the character previously believed in? Is it something external: did they lose a person, or a relationship, or an object dear to them? Is it a place they can never go to again? Is it a mixture of these things? 

What does it make your character do in response? Might they turn away from the path they had chosen? Hang up their cape? Throw off their anonymity? Vow to fight harder, or dirtier, or never again? Do they have to make a tough choice, and if they do, how do they work out which way to go? 

Tell us how your character comes to terms with the aftermath of facing their nemesis.

This challenge’s bonus element is: shaky ground. Include tremors and unstable footing wherever you can.

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