1 May 2021 - 4:20 pm

Superpowered: Challenge #5

Your character is past their first big challenge. Whatever the result for them, whatever choices they made, they have no doubt had many more challenges in their path. 

Let’s move a way further along in their story. However smooth their journey has been, some time has passed – years, perhaps decades. Maybe it feels longer than it really was. Has it been a quiet time? Tumultuous? How true to themselves and who they thought they would be have they managed to stay? Did they rise or fall, or a bit of both? Are they happy, or bitter, close to giving up or determined to keep moving forward? Is this year just another in a long line?

It’s at this point that we bring them face-to-face with a young, newly-minted super-powered person. Someone who doesn’t know what your character has learned, who still has all those lessons ahead of them. Someone who is in need of a mentor to show them the way. 

What could your character teach them? Would they, even if they wanted to? Do they want to? This person, standing before them now, was them so many years ago. Or could be. Do they stay and mentor, or do they walk away? Do they do something else entirely?

Tell us what your character does when faced with this choice. Give us a glimpse of the legacy they might leave behind. 

Your bonus element this time is: mirrors. Work in as many reflections and mirror images as possible. 

Finishing up

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