1 May 2021 - 2:00 pm

Superpowered: Challenge #3

Your character has discovered their abilities and learned hopefully at least a little about how to use them, and how the world works for someone in their position. Now it’s time to shake things up.

First, think about what your character’s prime purpose is in their super-powered life, now that they understand how the world is set up for them. Have they decided to be a hero? Been inducted into the villainous ranks? Decided to try for independence? Are they trying to hide their abilities?

Now let’s have it go horribly wrong. It’s time for your character to come up against a true challenge, one with real danger and real consequences. Now you get to throw a nemesis at them.

What makes a good nemesis for your character? Is it a person: a supervillain coming to bring them down; a hero to foil their plans; a competitor trying to make them look bad? Or perhaps someone higher in the ranks determined to keep them low on the ladder? 

Or is their nemesis something else? Something that plays on a weakness their power brings them? Anxiety or doubt that cripples their ability to act effectively? An internal voice that ruins everything? Is it something out of anyone’s control, like a change in the weather? Is it a truth they never knew before, one that threatens to change everything?

The stakes are high and the nemesis turns up at the worst possible moment to make things go horribly wrong. What is your character trying to do when this happens? What are they trying to achieve? When things start to go wrong, what is at risk? And things are about to go very, very wrong.

Tell us the story of your character’s encounter with their nemesis in this moment of crisis. 

The bonus element this time is: walls. Include as many barriers as you can, from real to figurative to metaphorical. 

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