1 May 2021 - 12:20 pm

Superpowered: Challenge #2

You know how your character came to learn about themself and what they can do. Now let’s talk about their next steps. Let’s give them a mentor, someone to show them the lay of the land in this superpowered world of yours.

Consider who this mentor might be. How does your character end up with this particular person as their teacher? Is this person well-suited to the role, or have they wound up in it for another reason? Is it chance or design? What sort of person is this character and how much is either party invested in this new relationship?

What kind of guidance can they offer to your character? Do they have powers themself, or have they had powers in the past? Are they giving advice from outside the super-powered community? Were they a hero, or villain, or something else? Are they still, or have they moved into a different position now? 

What are the goals of this mentorship? Is it focussed on the character’s abilities: learning tactics and techniques, establishing control, or suppressing them entirely? Is it learning about how to be super-powered in the world at large? Is it how to hide and fly under the radar, or how to fly high and proud in a cape? Or is it about learning who to fight, rather than how?

How willing or eager is your character as they enter into this mentor-mentee relationship? Are they keen to learn, scared of what is unrolling before them, or sick of everything it entails? What are the key lessons this person needs to learn, and does anyone recognise what they are?

A problem is arising close to your character and, willing or otherwise, they are the person who must tackle it. Perhaps no-one knows this yet, but your character is about to be tested. Time is not endless. 

Show us this mentorship in action. Show us how your character prepares for this upcoming challenge, and how prepared they are when it arrives.

You bonus element for this challenge is: the empty cup. Include as many references to a cup, being too full, overflowing, and emptiness as you can.

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