28 December 2008 - 6:38 pm

Weekend- where?

I have no idea where this weekend is gone.  I had such plans!  Or, well.  Some, at least.

I made a start on the novel editing yesterday.  It felt good to finally get going on that, and it has been long enough since I wrote it that I can come at it with fresh eyes.  The beginning section is fairly solid, which is good, and doesn’t need a huge amount of work.  So far.

Didn’t have a full day of it, though.  I was pretty tired, and there was family stuff going on, so I decided to take a break and spend some time with the folks.  Seems ages since I took a break from everything – AB has eaten up the past few weeks, and before that it was NaNo.  So it was nice to take an afternoon off completely and not think about all the writing stuff I should be doing.

Today was a bit like that, too, though I hadn’t meant to do that either.  We had guests over for lunch, and they only just left.  It was good, though – lots of talking and (yet more) eating.  I’ve done nothing writing-related today and it feels a little bit strange.  Well, okay, I put a couple of posts up on the forum, but that doesn’t count.

I do feel a bit more energised with regard to my writing projects, though.  I think my brain needed that break.  

The next few entries for AB are starting to clutter up in my head – I should get them down into text tonight.  Or at least start it, so I can pick it up tomorrow on the way to work.  Time to start the Aftermath section.  Wheeee.

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