31 December 2008 - 9:59 am

People reading!

I thought I would be proactive this week about getting word about AB out there.  So, I joined a few writing LJ communities and stuck up the link, inviting feedback.

And it worked!  How awesome is that?  I’ve had a few comments and suggestions, and at least a couple of people who seem interested enough to keep reading.  This makes me ridiculously happy.  I can has readers! 😀 😀

I’ve had a couple of comments about the style.  One person asked about blog pidgin/lolspeak, another about more blog-like quirks, like catchphrases and overused exclamation marks.  The first I thought about and decided against.  As cute as ‘omg’ and ‘lol’ are, I think using that kind of language would melt my brain after a few posts.  I can’t take that kind of language seriously (mostly because it is cute), and really, I’m not going for that kind of atmosphere.  And I’ve been trying to avoid using quirks that a) annoy me to read (and to write), and b) is likely to annoy my readers.  Because I have done a lot of copyediting/proofing work, incorrect punctuation annoys the crap out of me, though oddly quirky grammar doesn’t unless it’s overdone.

Hmm.  It’s hard to know if this stuff is turning out the way I want it to (but that’s the beauty of feedback).  Maybe I should look at the style and see if it can be personalised a bit more (for Faith, not me).  But not just yet – the whole thing is still shaking itself down.  I’ve just finished writing up the first week of January, and it’s only starting to settle into any kind of groove now that the ‘omgwtf end of the world’ part is done with (last posts on that go up today! 12 hours to the last one and counting!).  Hopefully it’ll have found its groove in a couple of weeks, and I can poke at it and see what further characterisation it needs.  The aim is to have Faith’s voice come back around to be more like the first (pre-boom) week and less shocked and bewildered, but I guess I’ll have to see how that pans out.

On the plus side, I have managed to get a week’s worth of posts done in 2-3 days of train journeys.  (There won’t be as many posts per week as there have been for the past one!  It worked out as a full 20 posts between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, counting today’s ones.  The end of the world makes me spammy, apparently.)  That gives me some lovely breathing space, and means I can crack on with novel editing this weekend (providing the family gives me some time for that).

Wheeee.  I’m so happy to have readers.  Glee. 😀

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