7 March 2013 - 12:27 pm

That reliable spark

Look how shiny it is!  (Photo by Gnal)

Look how shiny it is!
(Photo by Gnal)

After babbling about how my health was making my writing efforts suck lately, my energy crashed and I wound up heading home early from work last week, on my usual Starwalker posting day. There was no way that I was going to finish the post in any competent way, so I shelved it for the night.

After some rest, I was feeling better the next morning, as well as pretty determined to Get Stuff Done. The Starwalker post was finished up on the way to work, including sorting out a couple of gnarly issues that had been bothering me (and were also why I didn’t want to put the post up without working on it more). In the process, a couple of ideas about the next post appeared, and the whole next week of writing opened up for me.

This is part of why I push myself to be creative, even when I’m not really feeling it. Sometimes the piece will turn out crap and I’ll have to leave it until I’m feeling more on top of these things, at which point I can fix it up. Sometimes it’ll surprise me and I’ll wind up writing something I hadn’t intended but love all the same.

And doing something creative is the best thing to spark other creative stuff. My mind will roam randomly over possibilities and repercussions, and suddenly that grey area that was next week’s post suddenly has a shape and some shiny bits. Sometimes the whole next sequence will fall into place.

That’s what I love about writing the serial the way I do. I’ve been struggling with conceptualising this last section for a while, and a lot of it is still pretty murky, but the fog is lifting. Little by little, I can feel it taking shape. All those disparate ideas I’ve held onto for ages are coming into focus and sidling into place. It’s the best fun. It’s also a great relief; I can cling to the hope that I’m going to do my story and my readers justice.

After much toil (and fighting with work and getting home), last night’s Starwalker post went up on time. Here’s hoping that it works the way I planned it to. Time to start thinking about next week’s!

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