31 January 2009 - 5:03 pm

Posts achieved!

Today I managed to rework the AB posts I wrote over the past week, fill in a gap or two, and schedule them up for the forthcoming week. Phew. It’s a hell of a week – I could probably have spaced the big encounters out a bit more, but I’m trying not to string out the travelling time too much.

I only got as far as the 6th Feb today – my goal was the 7th. Considering that I was only halfway through the 4th when I started this morning, and there are 9 posts over the next 6 days, that’s not too bad. I decided to stop now rather than push on too long and either burn out or write complete crap.

I’ll come back to it fresh after I take a break from it – I have novel-editing to do tomorrow! On the plus side, the big encounters that happen this week should give me plenty of material to chew on over the following posts. Nope, definitely not going to run out of material any time soon.

The scary part is that we haven’t hit any of the plot landmarks on my pinboard yet. I think the first one will be on the 14th Feb, at this rate. My goal of keeping this going for a year? Actually looking pretty good right now.

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