30 January 2009 - 9:33 pm

Falling behind

I’m struggling a bit with the Apocalypse Blog this week. First of all, Monday was a public holiday (happy Australia Day!), and I spent it chilling with a very good friend. It was lovely to kick back and have a relaxed day.

However, it did mean that I was missing two hours of AB-writing time, because I had no commute that day. So I was down a couple of posts by the time that Tuesday started. 

I didn’t sleep well at all last weekend, so I was fighting against the fatigue most of the week. Tired brain means slow writing (and I make no promises about the quality). So I didn’t get as much as I would have liked done in the time I had this week.

On top of that, the posts are getting longer. There are a few issues that Faith is coming up against within the group, and that leads to lengthy encounters. They’re the kind of thing that I don’t want to gloss over (this is where it sucks to be a completist), and the blog’s timeline means that some of these posts have to occur on the same day.  I’m way too pernickety about this kind of thing to just skip days and hope people won’t notice. 😉

So, as of tonight, I have five posts that fit over four days written. Argh.  On the other hand, they are long posts. I have an extra three days to write up, and then all seven days to edit and schedule up.  Somehow, I have to squeeze all of that into one day this weekend.

I’m supposed to be trying to build up more of a buffer, not lose it!  It’s so frustrating. Script Frenzy is in two months’ time, and I want at least most of that month completely free of AB posting so I can get my head down for script-wrangling. But it’s far too early to be worrying about that just yet. For now, I just have to get my head down – first to sleep (very soon) and then to work.

So much to do this weekend. Wish me luck!

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