6 March 2009 - 6:32 pm

Mixed messages

Had some good and some bad news today. 

They had to cut six people out of the R&D department at work, including one from the documentation team (my team). One of my good friends has been made redundant – he’s gone now. There was no warning, no preparation, just a ‘sorry, please pack up your desk’.

I feel awful for him; I know how that feels. It also means that we’re an experienced hand short coming up to crunch time, and we’re all going to be wondering if there will be more cuts. Everyone’s going to have their heads down, trying not to be the next one on the list. Pressure on from every direction, and I couldn’t have picked a worse time to fall seriously ill.

I had a check-up with the doc today, and the pneumonia is definitely retreating. My lungs are a lot clearer, and I’m coughing less and breathing easier. I’m still really shaky if I’m on my feet for too long, though, so I’ve been signed off for another week. 

However, I had a chat with the boss today. I’m well enough to do the work, but the commute to and from the city will knock me over. Also, I have used up all my sick time and am currently losing vacation time to avoid taking unpaid sick leave. So next week I’m going to work from home, try to catch up on what I’ve missed and the stuff I need to get done. They’re happy for me to do it, my system here is all set up to VPN in to the office, and it seems like a good solution all round. 

Also, the final pieces for our house sale in the UK are going through today, which means we should have our money issues sorted out really soon. I can’t tell you what a weight off that is. I have to make a list of the stuff that I’ve been putting off until I had money again. It’s getting very long and I haven’t even written it down yet.

I am managing to keep up with the Apocalypse Blog posts, which is pleasing. I was afraid that all this sickness was going to put a real spanner in it, but my week’s buffer got me past the worst of it. I even have a couple of days in hand at the moment (and will hopefully extend that over the weekend).

The posts are going up very quickly after being written, and though I’m trying to edit before posting, they’re no doubt a bit rough around the edges. The post about Alice kinda went sideways on me – she just wouldn’t do what I wanted her to! But that’s okay, it means I have more material to work in later. Don’t you hate it when your characters rebel on you? 

Things in the blog are still going to (my overall) plan, and I’m starting to get to the material that I know some of my lovely readers have been waiting for. It’s sneaking in, so keep an eye out for the hints! (They’re going to get a lot more obvious.) The Rumours section is the start of a new twist in the repercussions of the end of Faith’s world.

Also, my kitten snuck out yesterday, stayed out the whole night, and got into a (very loud) fight. Today, she has spent all her time sleeping. …oh dear, she’s turning into a teenager.

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