19 May 2018 - 3:10 pm

Mind and Spirit: Challenge #4

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Your ghost’s purpose is becoming known now, and your ghost is getting better at affecting the corporeal world. There may be (living) people actively trying to help or hinder the ghost – or both. 

The ghost wants more. More contact, more impact on the living world, more progress on its purpose. Its physical interactions have been limited so far and its time to take the next step. It has no body of its own, so now it’s time it tried to take over someone else’s.

Who does the ghost first try to possess? Why does it select this particular person or body? Is it a human or a different kind of creature? Is a random person or someone they know? Someone they have an affinity or connection with? Do they start with someone or something that might be easy to take over (like someone weak-willed, asleep, or in a coma), or a fresh corpse, or go for a living, breathing, conscious body? Will this person fight them taking control? How successful is your ghost likely to be? Will the host be able to wrestle for control, and is there any way to get the ghost out?

Once the ghost has control of a body – whether its first attempt or the sixth – what is the first thing it will want to do? How does it react to having a physical presence in the world? What are the first things it notices? 

This challenge is to write the ghost’s first successful possession. For however how long the ghost manages to retain control, tell us about it being in a corporeal body for the first time since it died.

The caveat is to focus on tactile information in this challenge. Tell us what the ghost feels in this new skin.

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