19 May 2018 - 2:00 pm

Mind and Spirit: Challenge #3

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However your seance ended, your ghost has been affected. It has been able to talk to the living, it has reached outside of the building it has been haunting, and now it wants to do more. 

Think about what your ghost wants and who they might seek to contact. Perhaps they latch onto the driven person who prompted the seance, as this person was interested enough to ask questions. Perhaps the ghost goes to someone from their past instead, someone they were close to who might help them, or someone they want to send a message to, should any such people still be alive. 

What kind of message is your ghost trying to send? What do they want to achieve, and how do they go about it? How good are they at finding the right words? Are they trying to force their purpose on unwilling humans, to punish someone, or convince others they need help?

Contacting the living isn’t easy, though. Your ghost finds a way to do it through text, literally writing words for the living to read. It can be through any media you like: ink on paper, or text on a screen, scratches on the ceiling, or blood seeping through the walls. Or all of the above! 

Your challenge is to show us the ghost’s efforts to communicate, and where those message take the ghost and whomever it is they are contacting. You may also want to bring in other textual material to shed light on the ghost’s purpose, through reports, records, and news stories.

This challenge’s caveat is that you must treat the ghost’s textual messages as a character in its own right. Make the text expressive in more than just the words it conveys through your descriptions.

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