21 April 2009 - 12:34 pm

Best laid plans

My Creative Writing Group met on Friday night. Due to Easter and a general desire not to spam emails at the least provocation, I didn’t send out a reminder email the weekend before it. This is, apparently, a bad idea, as I only had a handful of people come to the meeting. I suspect the rest were either caught up in family stuff (it was the school holidays), or had simply forgotten. Oh well! I know better for next time.

On the plus side, I had a new member join the group, and we all had a lively and informative discussion. I had prepared all kinds of notes about dialogue, an issue that has cropped up a lot of late in various writing circles, and one that I find writers often ask about or struggle with. I’m planning to write all those notes up for my next Writing Tips post (probably the next several!), hopefully some time over the next week.

I had a lot I wanted to do this weekend, but I didn’t get to most of it. This was mostly due to the awful, short sleep I got on Saturday night, which led to a very lethargic and resting Sunday. Rather than force myself to write, I gave myself the day off to recuperate. By Monday morning, I was feeling much better, but I still wish I had got done some of what I had planned.

So my short story hasn’t been written yet, and I am not ahead on the Apocalypse Blog posts the way I want to be. I have been posting very hand-to-mouth over the weekend, and I think the posts are a bit rougher than usual because of that.

Exhaustion is making it difficult to write as well as I would like. I tried to do today’s post on the train this morning, and wound up closing the notebook after one sentence so that I could nap instead. I will have to be strict with myself to get as much done as possible over the next few days, as next week is looking like it will be something of a nightmare.

My parents are heading off to the UK for three weeks to visit my brother and the grandson they haven’t seen yet. So I now have the house to look after, three demanding cats, and a houseguest to cook for. The three hours I have when I get home from work will shrink alarmingly, I think. Thank goodness I already do the bulk of my writing on the train; here’s hoping that I am not too tired to accomplish that.

On the plus side, the blog is going well and still hitting 80+ visits per day. I’m constantly battling the plot pace, trying to keep myself from rushing things, but without dawdling either. I’m not sure I always hit it right. At least now they have the scooters, Faith and her friends will be zipping around a lot faster than before, though that presents its own problems. Luckily, I have some other obstacles to throw in their way to slow them down from time to time.

I managed to get around to updating the Chronology page the other day, so it’s up-to-date with the current goings-on. I want to expand the information on the Cast page a bit too – that’s a job for later in the week, I think. Sometimes, it’s nice to focus on the background stuff as a break from the posts, especially when my brain is feeling less creative.

I’m also thinking about throwing AB open for guest posts soon. Faith isn’t telling only her own story – she’s telling all of the stories she comes across. I need to give some thought to how that will work and then throw up an info page on the blog.

How do I always have such a long list of things to do? Oh well, best get to it!

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