10 April 2009 - 8:03 pm

Impending chocolate

How does time slip away from me so quickly? I’ve been meaning to update here for ages, and now it has been over a week since I put anything up. Wow. 

So! What’s been happening? Let’s see…. I had a great day at Supanova – spent way too much money and went to a couple of talks. One was by a local author, who had some interesting things to say about getting started as a novelist. She has agreed to come and talk to my Creative Writing Group. Should be good!

Managed to get ahead on the Apocalypse Blog this week. It was so nice to be able to schedule posts and have them publish at more accurate times. I’m a detail-monkey, so I like these things to make sense and be appropriate (it is supposed to be a realtime blog). I’ve got the rest of this long weekend all written up, and once I’m done with this post, I’m going to edit and schedule those posts. Then I can put my feet up for the rest of Easter. Lovely.

I’ve been thinking about the next Writing Tips post – it’s about time I did another one. I’ve seen a lot of queries about dialogue recently, and it’s one of those subjects that often crops up in the writing groups. I just need to pull together some material and sort it out. It’s on my list.

I’m also thinking about doing book reviews. I know I’m opinionated enough! I don’t know if I have anything like time for that. I haven’t had time to read a book in a while, with all the writing I’ve been trying to cram in. Perhaps I’ll start with reading a whole book and then see what comes of it. Book on list, check.

I sent in a submission for Unsent Letters this week. Won’t hear back for a few weeks, probably, but it’s in there. Tick that off my list.

Working on another submission at the moment – this one is for the Accentuate Writer’s Anthology Competition. I’ve made a start – hopefully get it finished this weekend. 

Whee. So! Lots happening. More good stuff coming. Have a great Easter, everyone.

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