18 November 2022 - 6:00 pm

Writing Spark #95

A sparkling burning firework.

Where do you see yourself taking this one?


You’re visiting your friend one evening and talk deep into the night. Its late and quiet outside when someone bangs on the front door. 

“Help! Let me in!” a voice calls. It sounds strangely familiar to you and your friend also looks puzzled.

“It sounds like you,” they say. 

“Don’t let it in,” you tell them, holding them back from answering the door. 

The person outside bangs again and then the noises stop.

The next night, you’re going to visit your friend when your car breaks down. You’re close, so you get out to walk to their place; you’ll call the breakdown service from there. 

You have just started walking when you sense someone following you. You feel the presence as a crawl between your shoulder blades and quicken your pace. Before you know it, you’re running, and so is the person behind you. 

You make it to your friend’s door and bang on it, frantic now, and call for them to let you in. 

“Don’t let it in,” you hear someone say from inside. The voice is strangely familiar to you; it sounds like yours. You bang again, but your pursuer is catching up with you. Terrified, you run down the street.

“Stop!” your pursuer shouts at you. The voice is strangely familiar to you; it sounds like yours. And it’s getting closer.

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