7 October 2022 - 6:00 pm

Writing Spark #92

A sparkling burning firework.

What would you do if you could make your dreams anything you wanted?


Lucid dreaming is the latest entertainment craze. Advertisements promise amazing adventures and journeys with unlimited potential, all while your body gets the good rest it needs every night, guaranteed. You can do anything, go anywhere, within your own mind and within your own control. You can have the dream you want. All with the help of a small device.

It’s easy and cheap. Consumer reactions are outstandingly positive. The sleep quality alone is changing people’s lives.

Some dreamers inevitably become addicted, though the statistics say they are a tiny fragment of those who try it. Others find themselves beset by their worst nightmares and are referred quickly on to therapy. A tiny portion experience echos of their lucid dreams during their waking hours.

You are about to try lucid dreaming for the first time. What will your dream be?

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