Creative Writing Group

The CWG is currently on hiatus.

I run a Creative Writing Group in Brisbane every month, completely free of charge. I started this group way back in 2008 and it’s still going strong. That’s how much I love writing.

It’s an open group: everyone is welcome, whether new to writing or just wanting to meet other writers in the area. We do a mixture of activities: discussions, exercises, workshopping, and talks by published authors are just a few of the things we get up to! I generally try to tailor it to what the group wants to do, and suggestions are always welcome.

If you want to go on the mailing for regular updates, drop me an email.

2017 Dates:

  • Saturday 18th February – Roma St Parklands – Description
  • Saturday 18th March – State Library of Queensland – Pacing Stories
  • Saturday 22nd April – (avoiding Easter weekend) – Lawn near GOMA – Agency
  • Saturday 20th May – Lawn near GOMA – Subplots, transitions, and filler
  • Saturday 17th June –
  • Saturday 15th July –
  • Saturday 19th August –
  • Saturday 16th September –
  • Saturday 21st October –
  • Saturday 18th November –
  • Saturday 16th December –

2016 Dates:

  • Friday 15th January – Points of View: Distinct Voices
  • Friday 19th February – Writing Action Scenes
  • Friday 18th March – Dialogue That Really Speaks
  • Friday 15th April – ‘Strong’ Characters
  • Friday 20th May – Beta Reading
  • Friday 17th June – Mastering Punctuation
  • Friday 15th July – Pen Names and Publishing
  • Friday 19th August – Hard vs Soft Scifi
  • Friday 16th September – Copyright and IP
  • Friday 21st October – Representation
  • Friday 18th November – Finding Space to Write
  • Friday 16th December

2015 Dates:

  • Friday 16th January: Super powers, heroes, and villains
  • Friday 27th February: Cover art, and off-the-wall story concepts (moved due to cyclone)
  • Friday 20th March: Trends in Publishing and Making Monsters
  • Friday 17th April: Character Flaws and Workshopping
  • Friday 15th May: Allegory, Metaphor, and Symbolism
  • Friday 19th June: Worldbuilding: Societies and Technology
  • Friday 17th July: Description and Purple Prose
  • Friday 21st August: Happy Endings
  • Friday 18th September: Tropes vs Stereotypes
  • Friday 16th October: NaNoWriMo Tips and Tricks
  • Friday 20th November: Cancelled due to NaNoWriMo clashes
  • Friday 18th December: You’ve written a novel: now what? (no recording due to technical issues)

2014 Dates:

  • Friday 10th January: Creating Convincing Characters
  • Friday 14th February: Effective Sex Scenes
  • Friday 14th March: Creating Aliens
  • Friday 11th April: Pitching to Agents and Publishers
  • Friday 9th May: Dialogue
  • Friday 13th June: Scary Stuff
  • Friday 11th July: Building a Colony and Useful Online Tools for Authors
  • Friday 8th August: Pacing a Serial
  • Friday 12th September: Infodumping and Exposition
  • Friday 10th October: Points of View
  • Friday 14th November – cancelled due to G20 shenanigans
  • Friday 12th December: Drafting and Editing

2013 Dates:

  • Friday 18th January: Critiquing fiction
  • Friday 15th February: Interactive fiction: choose your own path stories
  • Friday 15th March: Worldbuilding: science fiction worlds
  • Saturday 20th April – Writer’s Asylum!
  • Friday 17 May: Interactive fiction: writing for games
  • Friday 21st June: Worldbuilding: making magic
  • Friday 19th July: Serial writing
  • Friday 16th August
  • Friday 20th September
  • Friday 18th October: Making your story visible
  • Friday 15th November: Genre and cross-genre writing
  • Friday 20th December: Writing games

2012 Dates:

  • Friday 13th January
  • Friday 10th February
  • Friday 9th March
  • Friday 13th April
  • Friday 11th May
  • Friday 8th June
  • Friday 13th July
  • Friday 10th August
  • Fridy 14th September
  • Friday 12th October
  • Friday 9th November
  • Friday 14th December

2011 Dates:

  • Friday 14th January – cancelled due to flooding
  • Friday 4th February
  • Friday 11th March – guest author Rowena Cory Daniells
  • Friday 8th April
  • Friday 13th May
  • Friday 10th June
  • Friday 8th July
  • Friday 5th August
  • Fridy 9th September
  • Friday 14th October
  • Friday 11th November
  • Friday 9th December

2010 Dates:

  • Friday 10th September
  • Friday 8th October
  • Friday 5th November – guest author Trent Jamieson
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