20 April 2013 - 11:00 am

Writers’ Asylum: Challenge #1

I want you to imagine a couple. For those who write romance or erotica, I want you to make it a pairing that you wouldn’t normally write: if you write about gay couples, imagine a straight couple; if you write lesbians, write about two men instead; if you write about adults, choose teenagers or more mature characters. Be creative. Try to picture a couple you haven’t written before.

Who are these people? How do they relate to each other? Imagine them in a room, looking at each other, just looking, not speaking. What draws them to each other? Do they know each other well? Have they just met? Are they somewhere in between, still discovering each other? What is the dynamic between them? Who initiates interactions: a glance, a conversation, contact, sex?

What ignites their passion? Have they kissed yet? Have they crossed the sexual (panty) line? As they’re standing there, looking at each other, are they intoxicated with drugs, each other, all of the above, or nothing? Are they a slow burn or sudden fireworks against a wall?

The title of this challenge is Raunchy. Now write their sex scene.

Next up: Challenge #2

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  1. Jon says:

    A simple greeting; only he could pull that off under the circumstances.
    “Sit down,” I told him. He didn’t. Of course he didn’t.
    “I wouldn’t mind knowing when you’re going to let me out of here,” he said, whispering the words, sounding almost exasperated.
    “I wouldn’t mind knowing what you’ve done to that poor girl.”
    “Wouldn’t you indeed. I can tell you honestly that I haven’t done anything to her she didn’t have coming, Harper.”
    “Oh please, a first name basis is fine, Mister Waters,” I said, sarcastic.
    “Of course. I apologise, Officer.” He lifted his eyes as he said that last. His voice became husky and deep.
    Jonah Waters had an unnerving stare. He could peel paint with his eyes. I couldn’t help but imagine him a warlock of some kind, passing off magic as simple trickery.
    “When you first came here, I asked you what brought you to Hamel’s Rest,” I said.
    He looked away, smirking. “Yes,” he said, “You did. I told you the truth then. It’s not in my power to lie.”
    “You didn’t tell me the truth, Waters. You didn’t tell me anything.”
    Again, he stared at me, but this time our eyes met. He almost seemed to pass right through the cell bars and walk straight towards me, but then the illusion was broken as he gripped the bars and stuck his face in the gap.
    “Come here, Officer, and let me whisper the truth in your ear. I don’t want anyone else to know this particular truth.”
    I smiled. “There’s nobody else here,” I said. “There’s nobody here to listen in on your truth.” I tried to chuckle, to seem casual. I was beginning to feel a tiny bit scared.
    “Come here, Officer, and I’ll tell you why nobody can listen in on our truth.”
    I couldn’t help it. Curiosity, maybe, or just plain stupidity; I walked towards him, stopping just within arm’s reach of the bars.
    “Closer,” he whispered, and I came closer to him.
    All pretences were dropped. Momentarily I thought of making a mocking gesture of listening, cupping my hand to my ear, but I couldn’t do it. Just the thought of doing it set my hand to shaking and got me worried he’d know. I wanted to apologise.
    “Closer,” he whispered again, and then one hand was cupping the side of my neck, and his mouth was against my ear, his hot breath reaching out and stroking my cheeks. He caressed the side of my face, the three day stubble coarse, grinding against his palm.
    His other arm reached out and pulled me into the bars by the front of my belt. I let him do it. All of it. I thought he might try to pull my gun from its holster. I thought he might try to hurt me. But through it all, I was calm.
    “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings,” he whispered, dropping his own hands from my face and belt, intertwining his fingers in mine and lifting my hands up to his shoulders.
    “What did you say?” I asked. I was surprised by how breathless I sounded. I’d barely moved, but he had pulled me in and I’d forgotten to breathe.
    He didn’t answer me in words, only in stifled grunts as he buried his face against my neck. The sensation was strange; cold steel against my cheekbones, pressing almost painfully into my face. But it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. The warmth of his breath changed to slick panting as his tongue snaked out and he struggled to breathe against me.
    And then he bit.
    I couldn’t help but arch my back slightly, straightening to stand up to full height.
    “Get back down here,” he growled, and I remembered how much shorter than me he was.
    I tried to straighten myself again as he pulled on the side of my belt. I tried to face him, but he pulled my leg through the bars.
    I looked into his eyes. I couldn’t imagine what the look on my face might have been. I think I was worried. I think it showed.
    Jonah wasn’t in a position to show any human emotions by that point. He looked up at me like a rabid dog about to bite. He crouched low over my leg protruding through the gap and fumbled with his pants. I couldn’t help but stare at him the whole time. There was nothing to be done. I felt like I was watching through a dream, like it wasn’t really me he was doing it to.
    I had to remind myself to breathe again when I tried to speak. “What are you doing?”
    Even in my own ears I sounded distant and breathless. I sounded powerless, and I didn’t want to be.
    “You could have turned off the lights if you didn’t want to see,” he said in a growl. By then, he’d gripped himself fully in his hand, ripping at it furiously, trying to make it hard.
    “Don’t do that,” I said, but there was no conviction. “I don’t like the dark,” I added. He didn’t need to know that. He didn’t need to know I hated the dark with every part of my being.
    Jonah settled himself, staring up at me almost maliciously. He was shorter than usual, or he appeared to be. He was this tiny, malicious man with beady eyes and a wide, toothy grin which terrified me, peeking out from beneath his dark, spiky fringe.
    He lowered himself, cock and all, onto my leg and began to grind against me. He reached through the bars and gripped my belt, pulling me into his thrusts. He reached through the bars and reached up to cup my face, pulling it lower to meet his halfway through the bars. I felt as though the cold bars on my face were waking me up, and I wasn’t sure I wanted that.
    Then he was pushing forward with his lips, meeting mine and parting them with his tongue. We had one breath together, and then he moaned into me, shuddering with the ecstasy of what he had done.
    When I opened my eyes, I was still leaning against the bars, and he was sitting calmly on his bunk. His legs were crossed, his cock was tucked away. My leg still extended through the bars into his cell, and there was a dark smear on my jeans. I could feel the heat and wetness on my neck still.
    “Go to sleep, Officer. You’ve had a rough night.”
    I nodded my agreement. “I have.”
    Total darkness greeted me when I awoke. I didn’t like the darkness at all. I’d fallen asleep in my uniform. I felt my leg. There was nothing there.
    “What have you done to me?” I whispered.

    April 20th, 2013 at 1:50 pm

  2. Mel says:

    A strange and evocative scene. I like it! I love the completely unexpected direction it took. Great work!

    Also, kudos for being brave enough to post your sex scene.

    April 20th, 2013 at 2:32 pm

  3. Anne J Romano says:

    She cupped her breasts, revelling in their pert firmness. She was not surprised that her lover saw them as large but these did not sag as her real ones did, nor were they marred with stretch marks. Even her hair seemed richer, more luxurious like the women’s hair in shampoo ads, it was dark and silkier than she knew it to be. Alesandese tore her gaze from her reflection and turned to the man sprawled on the bed behind her. “Is this truly how you see me?” Her voice was breathy and soft with wonderment and desire. “Yes darling heart. This is the woman I see, every time I look at you. The woman I adore, worship, crave. It is you Alesandese Jade, you are that woman. Beautiful, seductive, enchanting. You are the most desirable and perfect woman I have know in centuries and I cannot understand why you hide yourself behind a false reality.” His voice always reminded Alesandese of a fine whisky, smoky and smooth with just the right amount heat. It flowed over her body like a caress, tightening her nipples and making her breasts ache with a need so overwhelming she thought she would collapse under its weight.

    His gaze roamed over her face and body with long, lingering looks. She shivered under the weight of those looks, as if they were hands stroking her flesh. Alesandese stared down at the drop dead gorgeous man lounging on her bed. Her eyes drinking in the sight of his dark skin contrasting against the pure white of her cotton sheets in an inhibition stealing picture of light and dark. She ran her gaze up his body from his slender, delicate yet masculine feet; up the long, smooth, hard line of his calves and thighs. Up his rippling, taut abs to his broad muscled chest with its light dusting of curling chest hair. She loved to tangle her fingers in that hair and tug at while she rode him, nipping and laving his flat male nipples. Her eyes followed the sparse trail of hair from that superb chest down to his groin where his cock nestled in a thatch of curls two shades dark than those that graced his chest.

    Alesandese blushed as his cock twitched under her amorous gaze. She licked her lips remembering the taste of him sliding between her lips getting thicker and harder before he came, crying out her name and spilling his semen down her chin and over her breasts. Alesandese’s breath quickened, a small whimper escaped as she watched his cock harden and rise as if in response to her thoughts. She somewhat reluctantly dragged her gaze away from her second favourite body part and moved it towards her favourite; his mouth. His lips were full and lush made for nipping at and sucking on; oh so soft and gentle when he kissed her mouth and body, almost at odds with the rest of his hard, taut leanness. Again as if sensing the nature of her thoughts and responding to them, he licked his lips and reminded her there was a second part to this, her favourite organ – his tongue. Alesandese whimpered again as she felt her pussy tighten and moisten at the memories of what his tongue could do to and for her.

    Feeling her knees weaken and her fist clench as the memories of the long sure strokes of his tongue running over her breast and nipples, making her moan and writhe before licking his way down over her stomach dipping into her belly button before reaching her pussy. There he would flick the tip of his magnificently talented tongue against her swollen clit again and again, until she was practically bent in half with pleasure. Only then would he thrust his tongue deep inside her to bring her to the brink of orgasm with light, teasing strokes. When she could not bear it any longer he would flick her G spot just so to make scream his name as she orgasmed long and hard. Before she had truly recovered from that first orgasm he would lick and lap around her opening and over her clit; using his tongue in ways Alesandese had never even dreamed possible. Flicking; licking; tracing patterns; hard then soft; soft then hard; long sure strokes; quick light ones; raking his teeth lightly over her clit before soothing it with his tongue; driving her to orgasm after orgasm until her throat was raw from screaming his name and begging him to fuck her.

    Alesandese cried out at the strength of the memories, her clit throbbed and her pussy clenched, she could not remember the last time she had been this turned on, this wet with desire. She slid shaking finger tips across her breasts before tracing a path to her swollen, aching clit. She dipped the tip of her middle finger into the moisture created be her arousal and used it to coat her clit so she could pinch and rub it gently.

    Raising her gaze from her lover’s mouth she looked into his hazel eyes as she lent back against the mirror and spread her legs slightly while she continued to pinch and rub her clit, stoking her arousal to a fever pitch. “Come and get it” she breathed “I am so wet and ready for you. I want to feel your teeth on my nipples,” she raised her free hand to her left breast, cupping then squeezing it before pinching the nipple hard causing a moan to slip from her throat “as you plunge your cock deep and hard into me.” Alesandese slid her finger back into her weeping pussy, in mimicry of what she so desperately wanted her lover to do to her. “Please” she begged sliding her finger back out to circle and press on her clit while her other hand swapped to her right breast massaging and pinching at the nipple making her even wetter and more desperate.

    “No. I want to watch you. I want to see how you pleasure yourself. I am not going to lay a single finger on your body until you have teased yourself until you come. Then I will lick and stroke you back to the brink and leave you hanging until you cannot bear it any longer and you finger yourself until you come again. Maybe after that I will fuck you until you see stars or I will jerk myself off until I come all over your glorious, heaving breasts.” His voice was low and gravelly with restrained desire. Alesandese noticed one of his hands was idly stroking his cock while the other was cupping and fondling his balls. She also noticed a bead of moisture clinging the slit of his cock. Her mouth went dry with the overwhelming urge to stroke his balls and lick that bitter sweet pre come from his cock before taking it into her mouth to suck until he came.

    His hands faltered in their separate tasks and rhythms, again it was like he was reading her mind and desires. Perhaps it was just that what she wanted was written all over her face. “Not yet darling heart. Feel your beautiful body beneath your hands. Pleasure yourself so that you know you are worthy of pleasure. Finger yourself as if your hand were mine, show me how you like to be touched. Show me how to rub your clit so it drives you crazy. I want to watch you slid your fingers into that sweet, wet pussy of yours. Stroke yourself as you remember the feeling of my fingers snug in the clench of your pussy, then keep going until you come. I want to watch you make yourself come.” The images his words brought to mind had her shivering.

    Arching her back, she spread her legs wider so her lover could see exactly what she was doing to herself. As she recoated her fingers and her clit with the juices of her arousal she focused her gaze on her lover’s face enjoying the way heat the flared in his eyes. She slowly sank two fingers into her pussy, moaning softly as she thrust against her hand. Thrusting her hips against her hand she slid her fingers in and out while circling her clit with her thumb. She struggled for a few moments to find the right pressure and rhythm before she achieved the right pattern and began rolling her fingers side to side, in and out the up and down, over and over until she had no choice but to close her eyes, throw her head back as she gave into the pleasure building inside her.

    “Open your eyes Alesandese Jade, let me see those beautiful brown eyes as you come.” His voice came out strained, the sentence eking out between moans, gasps and groans; he must be close too she thought. Alesandese opened her eyes and looked down at his hand where it was clenched around his cock; his smooth sure rhythm gone and his hips bucking wildly as he tried to keep his own climax at bay while watching Alesandese finger herself. “Look into my eyes my darling heart, my Alesandese Jade. Watch my face as I watch yours.” She raised her gaze to meet his, again the heat in his eyes warmed her and she gasped and slipped her fingers out to stroke her clit in an attempt to slow herself down al little. “But I want to see you come and coat your cock with your semen.”
    “Next time darling heart, next time. Now put your fingers back inside yourself Alesandese Jade, I am so close to coming and I do not want to come without you.” His cock twitched and spurted a short jet of come.

    Licking her lips, Alesandese spread her legs wider and bending her knees deeper to support herself against the mirror more firmly against the orgasm that was building deep inside. She plunged her fingers back in and out, rubbing harder and harder on her G spot and clit; her hips thrusting wildly to help her fingers finish this exquisite dance. She shrieked as the orgasm hit causing her to sink forward onto her fingers. “Oh yes, yes, gods, yes” they screamed together and their backs arched together in perfect unison as their climaxes flooded their senses as they came long and hard against their owns hands.

    Alesandese sank to the floor sliding her fingers out of her pussy as the final ripples of her orgasm died away; her pussy still throbbing and tingling and she was still so wet. She raised herself to her knees to peer over the edge of her four poster bed at her sated lover. He was sprawled, seemingly boneless, with his cock still in his hand thickly coated with semen. Crawling closer the bed and licking her lips she looked up the line of his body to meet his hooded gaze. “Suck it” he ordered his voice slightly hoarse from shouting his own release. “Your cock or my finger?” She questioned saucily her own voice as raspy as his. His smile was slightly feral as his gaze darkened as he licked his lips. “Both. Suck your fingers and taste the pleasure that you have given yourself. Then suck my cock and taste the pleasure I found in watching you pleasure yourself. Once you’re done we can begin again.”

    She was more than happy to oblige, sliding her fingers between her lips sucking and licking slowly and deliberately to show him what she would do to his cock once she could make her body move enough to actually climb up on the bed next to him. He moaned as he watched her and imagined her mouth on his cock which twitched against his hand in response to his thoughts and her actions. Alesandese smiled around her fingers, pleased at the reaction she was getting from this gorgeous man who had chosen her in spite of the bounty of beautiful women this city had to offer. She crawled up onto her bed, clutching tightly to the corner post for support (her knees still were not up to the task of supporting her full weight) and laid her head against this thigh. Rubbing her cheek against the hard muscle and soft hair that covered it, she stared at his flaccid cock which was even more thickly coated than her fingers had been.

    She flicked her tongue against the tip lightly testing and tasting. “Do not tease me Alesandese Jade, just suck it, suck it clean.” Alesandese blew against the tip that she had just licked, enjoying his shudder at the cool air “Your wish is my command.” She rolled her body so she was more comfortable and lying completely between his legs, her mouth hovering over his cock. She rolled her gaze upward to watch his face as she drew his soft, gently twitching cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck his semen away. Alesandese moaned at the feel of him hardening against her tongue then snickered as he groaned at the feeling of the moan against his cock. She slid her mouth up and down, flicking her tongue around the head and purred and moaned alternating with several long, hard sucks enjoying the feeling of his cock to lengthen and thicken as a result of her ministrations. She slid a hand between them so she could fondle and stroke his balls. She loved the way they felt so soft and pliable in contrast to the hard and unyielding flesh of his erect cock. “Enough Alesandese Jade, darling heart, I am clean,” his voice held a hint of laughter underlying the husky desire there, “besides the plan is for me to pleasure you with lips and tongue, my turn will come another night.”

    Alesandese slid her mouth up, down and up one last time as he moaned and thrust against her mouth. She slid her breasts, swinging them gently from side to side, over his now fully erect cock pausing to rub each nipple against its now wet tip before bringing her mouth to his for a passionate, breath stealing kiss. He growled against her mouth as he felt her wet, warm pussy rub against his cock and slid her either side of hips to press herself more firmly against his cock which throbbed and twitch against her clit. Alesandese moaned into his mouth at the pleasant vibrations of his cock pulsing against her clit, that was again heavy and swollen with need. “Change of plans lover boy. I was to feel that thick, strong cock of yours pulsing deep in my pussy as you come and then I am gonna milk you until I come.” Her voice had taken on a seductive purr she had never heard herself use before. Something about fingering herself and bringing herself to orgasm with her lover watching her had freed some part of her that she had not even know had existed. The Gods knew she was not normally so in touch with her sexuality, in fact, she could not remember the last time she had touched herself so intimately.

    She dipped her head to nip and suck at his nipples while she rubbed her wetness against his hardness. He moaned at the feeling of her rubbing her slick pussy against his cock, coating it, preparing them both for the ride that was to follow. Alesandese raised herself to a sitting position so she could better manoeuvre her hips to allow for his penetration. She also ground her hips into him in a firm figure of eight, spreading her thick moisture over more of his cock. He grabbed her hips to still her, even as he bucked against her. Alesandese chuckled, knowing she had won and would get her way this time. She raised herself onto her knees then slid a hand between them, squeezing and guiding his her cock to her tingling opening that was aching for his touch. She desperately wanted to ride him hard and fast and told him so.

    He arched his back, bucking his hips up to meet Alesandese as she sank down on him; plunging his cock deeply into her wet, tight pussy. They both moaned as she clenched her muscles around him and began a slow, gentle rhythm that would quickly drive him mad. He slid his hands up from her hips to her breasts and began massaging them in a syncopated rhythm that enhanced the rhythm of their hips. She moaned and arched her back thrusting her breasts more firmly into his hands. “Pinch my nipples, please, pinch them hard.” She begged while twisting her hips, grinding into him in a figure of eight to egg him into acquiescing to her demands. He smiled up at her and pinched her nipples softly, slowly increasing the pressure as she begged him to go harder and harder. Then he sat up to suckle her breasts one at a time, soothing her nipples before nipping at them gently. He bit into the flesh of each breast as well, driving Alesandese into faster, harder thrusts.

    Alesandese moaned and thrust faster, grinding her hips harder into his as they built towards another explosive climax. She clenched her internal muscles tightly causing him to growl against her breasts. He tugged her head down for an almost bruising kiss. His tongue began to mimic his frenzied thrust as he got closer to his release. Alesandese felt his hips begin to buck wildly and continued to milk his cock with increasing speed and pressure until he cried out his pleasure and came, pouring pulsing jets of his hot seed into her womb. Alesandese gave a glee filled shout of her own at the feel of him coming underneath her. She shifted her angle and gave completely over to the sensations firing through her body. “I am almost there” she panted as she rode him harder and harder, clenching his cock to wring out his last climatic spasms. The pulsing and throbbing combined with the pressure on her clit from the change in angle were bring Alesandese to the brink, she just needed something to throw her over the edge. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, please, oh fuck, oh yes, fuck, please” she begged and panted as she tried to get that final thrust just right. Seeing how close she was to coming, her lover reached down between them and pinched her clit hard, tugging and rolling it between thumb and forefinger. He used his free hand to brace against the bed so he could lift his hips higher off the bed to meet her frantic thrusting.

    Alesandese gasped at the feeling of his fingers squeezing hard on her clit, the sharp pain heightening the sensations bringing her closer to her breaking point. He pinched her clit even harder, rubbing it forcefully until she screamed her release as the tension finally shattered flinging Alesandese out of her body, the spasms wringing shrieks of joy from her lips as she collapsed, boneless against his chest. He kept the pressure on her clit until every last ripple had been wrung from her body. He cuddled her closely, enjoying the feeling of sated body lounging on top of his. She purred and nuzzled her face against his chest, enjoying the soft rub of his chest hair against her smooth cheek. She inhaled deeply relishing his scent mingling with hers; her throat a little sore from the screams she had unleashed as she had come. “Thank you” she whispered as her body and mind sank slowly into a well deserved stupor.

    April 25th, 2013 at 2:46 pm

  4. Mel says:

    Woooo, steamy! Great work, and kudos to you for being brave enough to post it.

    April 29th, 2013 at 3:36 pm