24 December 2008 - 9:22 am

World go boom

So, the world is going to end today over on AB (approx. five hours and counting).  Whee!  Despite having written it a few days ago, I’m still kinda excited.  Seeing the posts pop up gives me a kick – I’m sure it’ll wear off eventually, but for now it’s still fun.

This whole ‘End’ part is hard work!  I have 14 posts scheduled to go up over the next 5 days, and I’m not even done yet.  Just a few more to write and polish up, and then I can put my feet up for the weekend.  And Christmas, of course.  With any luck, I’ll get the bulk of it done tonight.

I love this part of a project, when there are lots of ideas and it seems to almost write itself.  Must not let it distract me from everything else, but I don’t want to break this groove either.  Maybe I should start scheduling my time between projects, to make sure I don’t neglect anything.

In the meantime… yay boom. 😀

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