6 April 2019 - 11:10 am

Time out of Mind: Challenge #1

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You have an idea about the pivotal moment in our future history. The one that determines the path humanity will take. Now think about that moment in more detail.

Think about how the moment itself unfolded. How it was communicated to the world. The pictures and videos that came out about it, the ones that would become iconic. The symbols and songs that would come to stand for it. 

Now think about the person ultimately responsible for it. If it could be traced back to a single person, who would that be? The person who made a discovery or cracked a mystery? The person who was in control and gave commands? The person who stood out front of it all, in the spotlight, or the one in a lab or a control room, far away? Who is, ultimately, credited with this moment having come to pass? How did they get to where they could have such an impact?

Walk this person back to just before the moment broke. Consider all they have done to be standing there, on the precipice. How sure are they that they are about to succeed? Is what’s about to happen even what they intended? 

Now tell us how it all happened and unfolded.

Bonus challenge: go purple. Include as much heavy, wordy description as possible, as flowery as you like. 

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