23 February 2009 - 10:14 pm


Sometime during the night, a truck snuck into my room and ran me over. That’s what it feels like. The doc tells me that I have a fever and a viral chest infection. Joy! 

So I took today off work, and tomorrow isn’t looking likely either. I’m on painkillers and liquids and cough medicine, and generally trying not to wish that I could just curl up and die.

I managed to get together enough brainpower to write out an AB post tonight, though I won’t make any promises as to the quality of it. If I can do one a day, that should keep me up to date enough. It’s really hard to focus at the moment, though. I just hope that next week’s posts don’t completely suck as a result. 

The really awkward thing is that it’s my novelling group’s meeting tomorrow night, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to get to that. It’s only our second meeting, and while I don’t really need to ‘run’ things as much as I do with the other group, it does require some guidance so we don’t just talk about other stuff all night. 

I plan to be around on Yahoo and MSN so that I can contribute, if people there have laptops on and will talk to me. Otherwise, I’ll just miss it this month, which is okay. It happens. Honestly, I’m relishing the chance for a break. I can put my feet up for a bit and not feel guilty about the million things I’m not doing.

I have been thinking for a while that I’ve taken too much on this year. Which I suspected when I laid out my plans for 2009, but you gotta aim high, y’know? I think I’m going to give Script Frenzy a miss this time around – I’d love to do it, but I really don’t think that I’ll have the time or inclination. It’s only a month away and I’m pushed just keeping up with AB. 

Oh well. I’m doing all right with the stuff I have going at the moment. I’ve ordered a new battery for the laptop, so hopefully that issue will be solved soon. Now all I need to do is kick this chest infection, and I’ll be good. Yes. Or at least just as frazzled as I was yesterday. 😉

Be well, everyone. Be weller than me! I’m going to collapse and try to get some sleep now.

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