8 February 2013 - 12:43 pm

The writing challenge challenge

Yes, this is me right now. Only I'm prettier. This will be all of you when I get this going. Photo of/by Clint Gardner.

Yes, this is me right now. Only I’m prettier.
This will be all of you when I get this going.
Photo of/by Clint Gardner.

Is that a mistake in the title? No, it’s not.

A little while ago, I posted about an idea I had for a day of writing challenges. It’s going to be in April, because that’s the month when I can’t hold my regular Creative Writing Group meeting. It got an awesome response! People are enthused! Yay!

I realised yesterday that shit, it’s February already. I have about 2 months to sort it all out.


So much to sort out. I really need to get myself into gear and get it moving. Contact the QWC. Sort out a venue. And, mostly importantly, work out the challenges I’m going to be running.

What’s a suitable writing challenge? Hmm. I have a few ideas that are percolating, and I have started making notes and plans. I’m putting them someplace secret, so no-one peeks ahead of time. I’m thinking that I’ll need 6 in total: one per hour, from 11am until 4pm (running until 5pm to finish the last challenge).

6. That’s both a lot and not many at all. I want a variety, lots of different kinds of areas and methods. I want everyone to be able to try something they’ve never done before (or tend to avoid). I want them to be hard (like a challenge should be!). I want them to be stretching. Yeah, I want everything, in a single day, with lols and laughs to boot.

So that’s my personal challenge at the moment: finding or creating 6 different challenges. I’ve got a few in mind. Let’s see how long it takes to refine them into a challenge that writers will relish.

Oh, and the event now has a name: Writer’s Asylum. Ahahahaha.

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