21 July 2010 - 7:53 pm

Starwalker posting update

I have just finished posting up this week’s quota of Starwalker updates. Great news – two brand new posts for you all! The mystery of Elliott’s collapse unfolds, and not in a good way. It’d be no fun if it was all smooth sailing, right? Starwalker just ain’t that kind of ship.

As those of you reading probably know, I’m trying to catch up after a couple of weeks off. So I was delighted to be able to pen a couple of posts and start to fill in the backlog. Oh, if only it was that easy. I’ve hit a heavy bit of plotting, and stretching it out to one post a week is just not feasible right now. There’s a lot to cover and my lovely little characters are not so sluggish that it takes them a week to get around to these things! I’ve spent half of my writing time lately just wrangling dates and timing.

So today’s postings – Unquiet sleep and The nightmare box – both cover only one week of actual plot-time. It’s going to take at least a couple more posts to get the current issue resolved (one of which is written), so it looks like there might be two coming next week as well.  Then maybe I can work on closing the gap and getting the posts running to date! And then maybe I can work on a buffer!

And for those of you who think that it will be done once the sabotage business is figured out – no way. I’m on chapter 6 out of 12 I have planned, so there’s lots more to come. There’s no time limit on this the way there was on the Apocalypse Blog – it’s going to keep coming until I run out of stories to tell.

Off to put my feet up for the evening, now that my posting is done. I feel accomplished. Enjoy, everyone!

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