25 June 2011 - 3:04 pm

RedFest Guest Appearance

Through some local contacts, I’ve been asked to do a ‘writing corner’ at the Redland Spring Festival in September (RedFest). I’m not entirely sure of all the details yet, but I’ll have the space for a period of time. It has been heavily suggested that I do some kind of talk/info session about writing.

Wow. I do little talks for my writing groups fairly often these days, but this is (even more) public! And very intimidating. But very awesome.

What do I do the talk on? What do I wear? (Shut up, I’m a girl, y’know.) I should sort out business cards. Or bookmarks. Or something with my links/writing on to hand out. (Don’t want to miss an opportunity to pimp myself, after all.)

I’ll have to see if I can bribe my writing group folks to come along and keep me sane. And anyone else I can get to come! You! Are you in south-east Queensland? Then you have to come!

Can’t wait. I’m a little bit terrified. I think I should go lie down now.

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