21 December 2008 - 1:49 pm

Productive me!

I’m feeling productive this weekend, despite being thoroughly kicked by the CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  I’m shaky and drained and dizzy from time to time, but luckily with it enough to be able to do writing stuff.  Sometimes it shuts my brain down so much I am reduced to watching TV, but the application of coffee appears to be staving that off.

I fought with pre-Christmas traffic yesterday to run some errands with Mum – finally got a Christmas tree and a few other seasonal essentials (including a Santa Claws hat for the cats – pictures pending 😀 ).  Finally managed to pick up some corkboards for my room – I have been wanting to get some of those for ages.

So now all of my little filecards for the novel are off the spare room floor and pinned onto corkboards.  It took two of them to get the whole scenelist up and in order.  And I have in no way managed to obsessive-compulsively colour-code all the pins.  Aw, at least it’s pretty.

For some reason, the corkboards are warping when I hang them up.  I’m happy just having them there – I’ll fix them when I can be bothered.  I’m just glad that I’m all organised there, and I’m ready to get stuck into editing this novel thing into some kind of order.

Have to sort out AB first, though.  I’ve just finished editing through the next set of posts.  I’m in the middle of posting up the start of the end of the world – it’s scheduled for this week.  Better get moving with that if I’m going to have time to do any actual writing today.  Have to get ahead of myself if I’m going to have time for novel-editing!

Apparently, I like a challenge.

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