23 October 2011 - 7:58 pm

Prizes and plans

It has been another busy weekend here, gathering all the bits we need for the big NaNoWriMo Kick-Off Party. The KOP is next Sunday and there was a lot to do!

Yesterday was spent building the party bags we’ll be giving away at the party, with Jordan_Lee and the lovely Sarah. I’m still waiting for the official NaNo stickers to arrive, so we couldn’t complete the bags, but at least the rest of the packs have been put together now.

We took stock of all the stuff we have for the party, and it’s looking good. With three sets of prizes to organise, plus the party bags and hipster PDAs, there are a lot of things to keep track of.

Today, my co-ML and I were driving around, collecting up most of the outstanding pieces of our KOP puzzle.

First stop was Roma Street Parklands, where the party will be held, to check the scavenger hunt clues. It’s lucky that we did, as lots had changed since the scouting mission that Jordan_Lee and I did a couple of months ago! The hunt has been adjusted and will now hopefully all make sense.

Next up was the Coffee Club at Milton, which is where we camp out through November. They treat us well, letting us spread out in the back of the restaurant and wire up dozens of laptops for our write-ins. We also spend piles of money there on coffee, food, and drink, so they do pretty well too! They’ve given us $150 in vouchers to give away, so a big thanks to them.

Third stop of the day was Avid Reader bookstore, to pick up a book from Trent Jamieson. He had kindly offered to donate a copy of his latest book, Roil (which is great, btw!), and threw in a copy of Managing Death as well. Fantastic! We now have a healthy pile of autographed books to give away, dominated by Trent.

Heavily laden with goodies, Jordan_Lee and I headed into Office Works on the way home, to pick up some last bits to fill out the prize packs.

Phew. So it’s been a hectic day. Just a few more bits to sort out over this week and we’re all set.

In between all of that, I’ve been writing out notecards for the new story that has been scrabbling around in my brain all week. It’s steampunk and it’s supernatural, and that’s all I’m saying right now. But if I get the second book of Starwalker finished during NaNo, I’ll be starting on that.

Can’t wait. I’m exhausted, I have a million things running around in my brain, but I’m buzzed and eager to get going.

Ooo, and the All Blacks just won the Rugby World Cup. Whoo!

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