6 May 2017 - 2:00 pm

Murder in Mind: Challenge #3

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We’ve seen what happens when things get testy between partygoers, but not all clashes at this party are angry. It has brought together people from many parts of the host’s life, including his or her past. Some bonds are remembered, some reforged. Some sparks are rekindled, while others are new.

The party rolls onwards. Food and drink are consumed. There might be dancing, perhaps some singing.

Two people are definitely feeling the less violent and more salacious sparks. (Or more than two, if you’re feeling adventurous!) Think about who they might be, and why it took this party to push them together in this way. Think about why it is they’re drawn to each other. A shared history? An animal chemistry? Chance and proximity?

Tell us about the sparks between these two, and how they go off to find somewhere to indulge in their passion. What happens when they get there?

Challenge #3: Rendezvous

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