19 May 2018 - 11:10 am

Mind and Spirit: Challenge #1

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You have some ideas about the ghost and the building it is haunting. This building is an open secret the locals talk about sometimes, prompting fear or ridicule, or both. 

Right now, some people are going into the building. They might have permission from the building’s earthly owners or they might not; they might know about the stories of this place, or they might not. Whatever the case, they’re going inside. 

Consider who these people are. Build a group of two or more in your mind. How old are they? What are the relationships in this group: friendships, or professional relationships, or romantic? Positive or antagonistic? A mixture of all of those?

Why have they come to this building? Are they here by accident or on purpose? Are they breaking in for a laugh or a challenge or a dare, or for a more serious reason? Are they believers looking for ghosts or scientists looking to debunk ridiculous stories? Are they teenagers doing something reckless, or lovers looking for somewhere private to hook up?

How do they get inside the building? What obstacles must they overcome before they can get inside – fences, gates, security? Boarded-up windows with tetanus-laden nails? Webs spun by many, many spiders?

Once inside, what’s the first indication that maybe, just maybe, this ghost is more than just a story?

Your first challenge is to tell the story of this mortal invasion into the ghost’s domain. 

The caveat for this challenge is that it must not contain any spoken dialogue. No spoken words written out at all. 

Good luck!

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