17 February 2009 - 8:05 pm


I looked into getting the laptop fixed, and the Apple store wants to diagnose it first because it might not be the battery causing the problem. Even though it only acts up when it’s running off the battery. Money is so tight that I’m wary of buying a new battery in case that doesn’t help, and I’m stuck with the same issue and less cash.

So frustrating. I don’t know when this money issue is going to sort itself out. As soon as it is sorted, I’m going to pick up a mini notebook to write on anyway, so the new battery seems like a waste of money.

Except that it’s driving me nuts. I lost a chunk this afternoon (despite compulsive saving every two seconds) and it’s almost down to 20mins before it cuts out now. Hardly worth lugging it all the way to work and back for that. I can’t get a post written in one sitting and I’m worried that that’s starting to show. I’m sure that I’m forgetting stuff and worried that it’s sucking more than it should.

I certainly can’t keep up with AB like this. I think I’m going to try switching to pen-and-paper for the rest of the week. I don’t particularly want to – the posts will come out differently if I do, because I write differently when I handwrite. Hopefully I can tidy it up enough in the typing/editing. 

Bear with me, my kind readers. I shall attempt to reduce the level of suck and keep the Apocalypse Blog rolling along.

In the meantime, I added a Cast page to the blog so you can keep track of who is where and why. I’m planning to expand on it and make proper use of tags to mark up the character-centric posts. I have a lot to go through, so bear with me. 

Now if only I can get some more sleep. Where can I get more sleep? Anyone? No. Oh well. 😉

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