2 May 2020 - 4:20 pm

Love in Mind: Challenge #5

In our last challenge, let’s talk about the end of things. Nothing lasts forever and even the most perfect pairing ends, one way or another. 

You might already know how your couple is finally parted. Take a moment now to nail down the details. What is it that pulls them apart? Is it death – theirs or someone else’s? Another person? Circumstances? A secret or act that can’t be forgiven? Was it the wrinkle you already wrote about or something completely different? Did they simply grow apart and aren’t suited to each other any more? 

Once they have parted, consider what is left behind. Does one or both of them survive? Go on to do other things or gets stuck in the aftermath? For each of them: is there anything next and if so, what might it be?

What about what they achieved or created while they were together? Did they have children, their own or adopted or otherwise? Did they create a business, or a new technology, or discover a new spell? Set a new record? Did they build a house or a space ship, or design a new kind of AI together? What did they create in the time they were together that might outlive their relationship? Was it magnificent or mundane?

Was their relationship not suited to that kind of creation? Was it too short, or destructive, or private? Was what they left behind known only to a few? Was it stories, or legends, or photographs tucked away in an old tin, hidden under the floorboards? Was it a lesson or a promise that helped to shape a life?

For this challenge, write about the legacy their relationship left behind. Truth, lies, or legend, tell us what outlived their love.

Your extra challenge for this one is: raining. Saturate this tale with blue and falling water, show us what washes away and what is left behind. 

Finishing up

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