7 January 2009 - 3:35 pm

Holy Bats, Batman

There’s this huge awesome tree about 40m from our house, just outside our fence.  The local bats love it – they come swooping in through dusk and proceed to fight with each other in it.  They’re fantastic – the big ones are a good metre in wingspan, and against the dusk sky, they have those perfect scolloped wings.  A couple of nights ago, the moon was hiding behind the clouds – it was very atmospheric. 😀 

Now I can see why a boy might look at them and think, “Fuck they’re scary, I’m gonna dress up like one of them and scare the crap out of criminals with guns.”  The family and I sit out on the deck and watch them fly around while we eat dinner.  So cool.


In other news, I am frazzled this week.  Started getting up early to do exercise before work again, and it’s beginning to get hard to write on the train after that.  Dammit!  Need to climb out of this energy hole I’m in.  Time to kick the CFS in the backside and do my own thing anyway.  Just have to keep pushing, I guess – I promised myself a while ago that I wasn’t going to let it run my life for me.

On the plus side, I almost have the next week’s AB posts written up.  I have to get them uploaded tonight, as today’s post is the last one I have scheduled so far.  I’m starting to feel like I’m rushing them – I’ll edit them over before I post them, but they seem rougher.  Not sure I’m happy with that.  I’m entering the less-plotted part of the story now; maybe that’s why.  (I have lots of stuff plotted, but it’s all more spread out now.  Gotta give Faith a chance to breathe before I drop too much more on her. 😉 )

I need to decide what I’m doing with poor unconscious Nugget, too.  Killing her off just seems like cheating, and after everything that is happening at the moment, not going to have much of a kick.  I think there should be a kick if I’m gonna do that to the kid.  I’m sure something better (and possibly more evil) will come to mind before long.

I need to draw together a plan for the writing group meeting on Friday, too.  So many things buzzing around in my head right now!  I’ll feel so much better when I get that sorted out.

Yeah.  It is entirely possible that I have taken on too much at the moment.  When is it the weekend again?

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