5 August 2010 - 4:20 pm

HELP: Texan Cat Needs Home

I don’t usually post things like this, but this is an extraordinary case, so here we go.

A very good friend of mine living in the US is in an awful position. He has had to move and the cat he left behind needs a new home, or he faces being put down.

Here’s Dave’s story about his little fuzzy boy, Butterball:

Butterball is a fluffball, two-year-old grey tom, currently living in the Sherman-Denison area of Texas. I adopted him as a kitten, and he was a part of my family for a year and a half.

He grew up as an indoor cat with two others, and is well socialised with other felines. He’s naturally friendly and inquisitive, especially after he gets to know someone. He loves to play, often with great enthusiasm, but has never dealt with children before.

About seven months ago, he accidentally got out of the house. We searched for him, but he wasn’t seen for two days. We still don’t know what happened to him in that time.

When he came back, he had a mangled front paw and continuously mewled in pain.  It took over a month of care, during which time he suffered uncontrollable bowels and a fever, but he finally pulled through. 

Now, it’s almost impossible to see where his paw was hurt. Also, where he was wary of strangers before, now he’s friendlier and seeks company more than he used to.

When my fiancée and I moved, we had to leave him in her mother’s care, as we sadly couldn’t take him with us to our new home. My fiancée’s mother, Marsha, had cats of her own and could provide him with a good home. 

Now she is being forced to move and can only keep one cat.  Sadly, this will not be Butterball. If he doesn’t find a new home, he will be put in a pound or simply let go in the countryside.  In a pound, his chances of getting a home aren’t good. As an adult cat with a plain appearance, he will lose out to younger, cuter cats when it comes to an adoption. If he’s not homed, they will put him down. In the countryside, he doesn’t have a chance; he isn’t a mouser and never learned to hunt.

He needs a home, a good home, one that is understanding and loving.  That’s all I want for him; it breaks my heart that it can’t be with me. He’s a good cat.  He’s had a harsher life than any animal deserves, and now not only is he about to be taken from the last vestige of the home he’s had for his entire life, he may end up out in the cold. 

Any patient, understanding, and loving home would be enriched by him.  He deserves a shot at a good life, so if you can help him find a home, please get in touch. 

If you know anyone in the Sherman-Denison area of Texas who can help, either by giving him a home or helping him to find one, please please, let either me, Dave, or Marsha know. Marsha can be contacted on 903-647-5652 (between 4pm and 6pm Central time is best). Any and all help will be gratefully received!

Thanks for your time, everyone. I have my fingers crossed that we can find the little fella a new home.

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