21 February 2009 - 5:03 pm


This week has been better. It has been up and down but, on the whole, better. It feels so good to be able to say that.

It got off to a bad start – the CFS has really been pulling me down lately (as I’ve complained about a lot), and last week was a mess. But the energy levels shifted about mid-week, and the braindead turned into brain-active, which is always nice. The body is still sluggish, but at least the mind appears to be mostly working. I got a lot more achieved at work and have been able to attack some other stuff that I’ve been meaning to do. Go me!

I managed to get the next instalment of Writing Tips done this week, too, but managed to forget to email them to myself. I’m going to need to VPN in to work to get them (not that I was writing them at work or anything – lunch hour writing! It was!). I will hopefully get that posted tonight or tomorrow.

The AB Cast page has been updated and expanded, including past cast members and proper links to character-centric posts. I haven’t finished tagging up all the existing posts yet (there are a lot of them!), so that job isn’t complete, but the framework is all there. Big fat tick.

I’m getting a lot of ideas for the Apocalypse Blog, which is always good. Thanks to my current technical issues (stupid laptop battery making it impossible to write on the train), I haven’t been able to get them all written the way I wanted. By the time I get home, I’m way too tired to be able to concentrate on writing properly, so my commute is really the best time for me to get stuff done during the week.

I gave up trying to use the laptop halfway through this week and switched over to paper-and-pen writing. It has been a rude reminder of why I don’t like to write that way. My brain is always six steps ahead of my hand, I keep thinking of stuff I want to add in or have missed, my handwriting is a mess, and the writing itself comes out sounding so different to the way I usually write. 

I’m going to have to heavily rework the posts I’ve done on paper to keep it sounding like Faith. I’ve managed to get today and tomorrow’s posts all edited and up, and I should get a couple more sorted out today. I wound up writing stuff a bit out of order this week, because one post went sideways and needs to be split up into two very separate ones, and there were events in the middle that I had missed out, and… yeah. This week hasn’t been my most organised and together. 

I’m going to persevere with the handwriting, though. I have to do a lot of work on what I end up with, but the basic material is still there. It’s giving me a base to work off, which is much better than a blank page. It’s better than last weekend, when I wound up having to write a lot of the stuff from scratch and post it all in one go. The time spent concentrating on AB gives me more time to think things over and work ideas through. I even spent one train journey just writing down notes of the plotpoints and conversations I wanted to cover because so many things kept coming to mind. Those notes should help me get the next week’s posts in the right order and progression.

For the time being, I think I’m going to have to restrict myself to one post a day. I know I keep saying that I’m aiming for that, but I’m going to be strict about it now. It’s turning into so much work to get everything done that I’m struggling to keep up. Yes, I am going to bite the bullet and order a new battery for the laptop – normal service will return once I can write ‘properly’ again. Which means me and the laptop on the train with ears plugged into an iShuffle.

It has been an interesting experiment, this handwriting endeavour. It’s making me much more aware of how I write and when. Anyway! Back to editing AB posts. Mustn’t get too distracted by my own musings. More later!

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