2 March 2009 - 6:02 pm

Good news

There hasn’t been a lot of this lately! So I thought I’d post some of the better news from the past few days.

The new battery for my laptop has arrived! I’ve been cycling it to calibrate it properly, and it has been so nice to see the readout track the charge right down to 0% (it hasn’t been able to get below 50% for months!). Just one more cycle to complete, and then I should be set. 

There is an end in sight for our current financial situation at home. I won’t bore you with the details, but the end of a lot of stress and waiting might be coming soon. I have my fingers crossed.

The antibiotics are kicking in. I had an awful weekend, all told, but the medicine is starting to work. I’m breathing a bit easier, and I can lie down without coughing every five minutes now. Which means I can sleep. Oh, such luxury. This morning I woke up early and thought I’d settle down for another half an hour… and then woke up three hours later. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sleep in such stretches.

Visited the doctor today and he said I’d turned the corner. It isn’t going to be a quick recovery, but at least I’m on the upslope now. Slow and steady, huh? Got another chest x-ray on Friday to see how the old lungs are doing, and then we go from there. It isn’t looking too likely that I’ll be back at work next week, but hopefully I won’t be off too much longer.

I’m feeling more alert. I think the sleep is helping. I’d like to get down to some writing soon (it itches, it does!), and as I posted up the last of my pre-written Apocalypse Blog posts today, I’d better get cracking! I have so much in my head to cover. And god knows being couch-bound is getting really boring now (I’ve watched almost every DVD I own, with the specials).

 I got a card through the post today. My workmates had put it together from a Cheezburger picture and sent it with a bar of chocolate for me. How adorable is that? Bless ’em. I have the best team ever.

So! Pushing on. Getting there slowly.

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