2 May 2015 - 3:10 pm

Colonising Minds: Challenge #4

Start here before doing this challenge.

No plan ever goes smoothly. No group of people will live together without trouble, not for long, even with a common purpose. Small issues can be dealt with in small ways, but eventually, something big is going to come along. It could be days, or weeks, or months, or even years after that first breaking of the ground. This thing will give your colony its first real test, and now, it’s make or break time.

Think about what that first big problem might be. It could be a failed harvest, or a supply train that never arrives. A spoiled or poisoned water supply. It could be a malfunction in the terraformer that stops it from converting the atmosphere, or a hole punctured in an essential dome. It could be a clash with a native race or species. It could be a sickness that no-one has a treatment for yet. Or it could be something more sinister, like large-scale sabotage or terrorism that undermines the establishment of the colony.

Whatever it is, it poses a real threat to the continued existence of the colony. Choose your problem and consider what its repercussions mean. It’s sink or swim time, but what does sinking mean for these people? Going back home again, or something more fatal?

Consider how the colony reacts. What does the general populace think about it? Are they aware, or has it been hidden from public view? What about those in charge: what is the first thing they do? Do they have the capability to deal with this issue themselves? Were they at all prepared for this type of emergency? Are they forced to ask for help, or make sacrifices, and are they willing to do it? Does everyone agree with what must be done?

Tell us about the colony’s first big challenge and how it makes it through – or doesn’t. The colony’s fate is entirely in your hands.

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