2 May 2015 - 12:20 pm

Colonising Minds: Challenge #2

Start here before doing this challenge.

It has arrived: the day when the first colonists set forth on their journey. There is a long road ahead of them, but how will they travel it? Do they have ships loaded with supplies and equipment? Are these land, sea, or space ships? Burros and donkeys? Or are they restricted to only what they can carry or drag themselves?

What is the nature of this departure? Is there a fanfare and a marching band to lead them out of the gates? The hiss of separating spaceships? Champagne and shattered bottles? The quiet slipping away into the night to escape from where they have come from? Might they be chased out onto the road? Or are they just another group setting out on another journey, unremarkable in the scheme of things?

Focus on one or two people in the caravan about to set out. Who are they? How are they feeling as they gather their everything and get ready to leave? Are they daunted by the road ahead, or elated to finally set out, or frightened by what might await them? Are they sure they’re doing the right thing? Are they sad about what they’re leaving behind, or hopeful about where they’re headed?

Tell us the story of their first step on the long road to a new home.

Next up: Challenge #3

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