27 March 2009 - 6:34 pm

Buffer unbuffed

Been a bit of a week. I have been meaning to post here for days, but just don’t seem to manage to find the time! We have relatives staying with us at the moment, so my time is not all my own.

I haven’t been getting ahead on the Apocalypse Blog posting as much as I had hoped. I’ve been doing well with writing during my commute (and I love my little notebook), but I’m not always feeling good enough to do it. I’m still working my way up to full  health after the pneumonia (or as ‘full health’ as I ever get), and it’s a long road.

The CFS is not helping, these days. I think I’ve hit the point where my body wants to be more tired than it is, but I don’t want to do too much activity because it makes me wobbly and want to sit down. So I don’t sleep well at night because I’m not tired enough, and that makes me more exhausted during the day. I’ve been in this spiral before and it’s a really hard one to break out of. Today, I can feel my eyes burning heavily and my body just wants to slither into a pile under my desk. Yesterday, I was completely useless when trying to figure out the technicalities of encryption terminology, with my poor little brain lurching around in circles and spitting out lots of ‘…..’

The plan at the moment is to start up my morning exercise again and see if that helps. It’s possible it’ll make it all worse, but that’s a risk I have to take at some point. I’ll start on Monday and see how I go, I guess.


In the meantime, AB posting has become more hand-to-mouth than I like. I made it worse by delving into a whole section about a prison, and there was so much to say there that I wound up doing two posts a day a couple of times. Whoops! I didn’t want to waste an opportunity like that by missing anything out, and it was already eating up way too much time – I didn’t want to string it out, or one day’s events would have taken a week to tell!

That was good fun to write about, though. The unseen and potential dangers are so much more creepy than the ones that smack you in the face. I had one reader tell me that she was all creeped out by one entry, and that made me happy (target achieved!). I don’t usually write much horror/suspense, so it was good to experiment with that stuff, and it fitted in with the ‘Rumours’ section nicely (all about what’s heard, but not (yet) seen!). That was a bit of a happy accident, as the only reason I put the prison in was that there was one next to the little black line on the map I’m using to keep track of things!

I think I need to sit down and write a load of posts one day on the weekend. All I need is the chance (and the energy)! That’ll get me ahead enough that I can start double-posting again if I need to, without running out of post buffer (I only finished up today’s post on the train into work this morning, and will have to put it up when I get home). If nothing else, it messes with my ability to schedule the posts to appear at an appropriate time during the day.

Also need to get working on my novel again. Been ages since I picked it up. Hopefully the novelling group meeting next week will kick me back into action with that!

Right. ’nuff talking, time to get back to work. Write atcha later!

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