18 June 2022 - 3:50 pm

Altered Dimensions: Challenge #5

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You and your character have experienced four different worlds today. So far, there has been no solid proof of why this is happening or how, though your character may have some theories. Perhaps it’s time they find out what’s really going on.

After spending some time in the world of wastelands, your character is transported again. This time when they arrive at the destination, they are in the centre of a room, surrounded by people all staring at them. None of these people seem to be surprised to see your character appear; in fact, they are quite businesslike about it. 

Your character can’t tell much about where they are, except that it’s futuristic compared to their original home world. There are no windows and the people present won’t answer any questions about the year or location of the facility. They refuse to answer any questions at all, but they do give reassurances that everything will be explained in good time while they hurry your character off to decontamination.

After a fresh change of clothes (whatever they were wearing in the last world probably had to be burned) and any medical treatment your character required, they are taken to an office with a person waiting to speak with them. 

This person begins with an apology. It seems that there was a critical malfunction in a complex, advanced system with an improbable name, which resulted in your character’s fractured journey across different dimensions and versions of Earth. Your character was not the only person affected; there were several others who were transported around the multiverse, and this facility has been tasked with cleaning up the mess they made. This includes scooping up those dimensionally-dislocated people and sending them back home again. 

There is a glitch, however. Because your character has spent time in multiple dimensions, the facility can no longer tell which one is their original home. They either don’t want to spend the time trying to figure it out or they don’t care; after all, they have a lot of other people to sort out after this minor (it probably wasn’t minor) dimensional disaster. Whatever their reasons, they leave your character with an important choice.

Of the worlds they have experienced, which one would they like to return to to live out the rest of their life? This is a final, irrevocable choice; there will be no way to take it back once it’s done. 

Is their home really the place they want to go back to? What is important to them now? What have they learned in their journeys that will influence their decision? Is there a place where they felt most comfortable or at home? Which world will they choose?

Tell us about your character’s decision and give us an insight into how it goes. 

Your extra challenge for this one is: branching paths. Put in as many references to paths branching and diverging as you can. Good luck!

Finishing up

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