18 June 2022 - 1:30 pm

Altered Dimensions: Challenge #3

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So your character has spent a few days in a magical medieval land. Have they come to terms with what’s going on? Do they suspect they have travelled between worlds or are they convinced it’s all a dream?

Whatever truth they currently believe, things are about to change. That occurrence that happened to them and took them out of their home? It’s happening again and it’s going to drop them into another wildly different world.

This time, we’re heading into the future. Not the future compared to where they currently are; the future at least a century or two from now. A future in which technology has advanced to epic proportions. 

Space travel is possible and commonly used. Cybernetics are available at a store near you. Communications are lightning-fast and all around your character. Technology is solving more problems every day, and hopefully creating less. The solar system is shrinking and the human race is spreading out. 

This is where you character arrives or awakes next. What is the first thing they notice? What is their instinctive reaction to their new surroundings, and how appropriate does that reaction turn out to be? Are they dismayed after their experiences in the previous world, or relieved? What do they want most on their arrival?

Who greets them and how? Are they friendly, wary, or outright hostile? Your character doesn’t know how long they might be here, so what is their first priority? 

How does their special ability play in this new world? Could they pass it off as technology? Does it make someone want to investigate what it is and how it works? Does anyone react to it or do they just accept it? 

Tell us about your character’s entry into this world. They’re going to be spending at least a week here, so let’s see where technology and the future can take them. Will they sink or swim, or fly through space? It’s up to you.

This challenge’s extra element is: augmentation. Work that in however you wish! Now let’s get writing.

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