2 December 2022 - 6:00 pm

Writing Spark #96

A sparkling burning firework.

Will you let this story in and keep it?


You find a small, baby creature in your yard late one day. It’s tiny and its fur is sticky with mud, and it mewls piteously at you. It’s hard to tell what it is: you think it’s a kitten or possibly a baby squirrel. You scoop up the shivering animal and bring it inside, so you can get it warm and clean.

You’re going to take it to the vet, but after a night of a warm towel bed and a good meal of cut-up meat, it seems fine. It sets about exploring your home and you’re not keen to give it up. 

You ask around the neighbourhood in case anyone is missing a baby animal, but no-one seems to know anything about it. There’s no harm in keeping it, right? After all, it likes to climb up you and snuggle against your neck every chance it gets. 

It grows quickly and you begin to wonder exactly what it is. It doesn’t look like a regular cat or any other creature you’re familiar with. Its ears are the wrong shape and its tail is a little more useful than it probably should be. You swear its eyes change colour from one day to the next, and its fur seems to be shifting into a dark shade of purple. 

It does have the cutest face and loves to snuggle against your neck, though.

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