9 September 2022 - 6:00 pm

Writing Spark #90

A sparkling burning firework.

Here’s something for you to use to grow a new story!


Blood and bone make great food for plants, particularly certain types of flowers. That’s why some appear in abundance on battlefields and over the graves of our departed. 

There is a patch of beautiful flowers growing in your back yard where no-one purposefully planted seeds. The size and shape of the patch is visible from your bedroom window, and it is suggestive of what lies beneath the surface. Just right for a body.

Perhaps you know who lies there; perhaps it is a mystery. The sight might give you comfort or make you wonder about what has happened here. 

Either way, you notice one day that the patch of flowers doesn’t seem to be in the same place it used to be. Maybe it’s your imagination but the flowers seem to be closer to the house than before. You start to track them and they do seem to be moving: the patch is the same size and shape as before, just closer, ever closer. 

Before long, they will reach the house. 

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