1 July 2022 - 6:00 pm

Writing Spark #85

A sparkling burning firework.

Could this be the start of your next adventure?


There is a landline in your home, though you’re not sure why you bother; it came with your internet connection. It’s hooked up to an old phone that you tuck out of the way for emergencies. You’ve never given the number to anyone.

It rings one day, startling you. You answer it expecting a cold caller.

“The blackbird is over the wood,” a voice says hurriedly on the other end of the line. 

“What?” you ask.

“The blackbird is over the wood.” They sound out of breath. “And the fox is loose. Where are the horses?”

“Uh…” You would ask more, but the person has hung up. 

The next day, the phone rings again. More nonsense phrases are whispered down the line to you, and they hang up before you can say anything. You start to write the phrases down. You’re still half convinced that this is some kind of prank.

After the third call, you begin to suspect this is not a prank, but more likely your number has been mistaken for some kind of spy connection.

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