6 May 2022 - 5:00 pm

Writing Spark #81

A sparkling burning firework.

How does this one speak to you?

On a walk one day, you come across a tiny, lost kitten. There’s no sign of her family, human or feline, so you take her home to feed her and get her warm. Searches don’t reveal any owner and you decide to foster the kitten until you can find a home for her. 

A year passes and you haven’t found a home you’re willing to give the cat up to. She follows you around the house and sleeps on the foot of your bed every night. When you get up at night to go to the bathroom, the cat is always sitting on the end of the bed, staring at the corner of the room by the door. Every single time. 

One morning, the cat limps up to you, injured like there has been a fight. You take the poor feline to the vet, who patches her up and wants to keep her overnight to make sure she is all right. 

It’s the first time you’ve slept without the cat on your bed in over a year. A noise wakes you suddenly in the middle of the night, and as you sit in bed wondering what it was, you swear you see something move in the corner of the room by the door.

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