27 January 2017 - 6:16 pm

Writing Spark #14

(Picture from HuTui6.com)

Another deceptively simple prompt to get you going:

I’m only telling you this because you won’t be able to tell anyone else.

This works well as the first line to a piece, or simply as a jumping-off idea. It can be taken anywhere, but also runs the risk of being too broad. (I find some writing prompts are too broad to spark a specific idea, and wind up being frustrating.) It all depends on what you hook onto!

I like this one because you can come at it from so many different directions. Why can’t you tell anyone else? What’s so important about this secret? Is this the start of a villain’s monologue? The real origin of something wonderful, or something disastrous? Why are you there, to listen to this secret?

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