28 October 2016 - 6:21 pm

Writing Spark #1

(Picture from HuTui6.com)

(Picture from HuTui6.com)

As part of my prep for the Pre-NaNoWriMo Planning Day, I put together a bunch of writing sparks. Some were scavenged from the depths of the internet, some were gleaned from previous lists I put together with co-MLs, others I made up myself (I won’t claim they’re all totally unique or belong to me).

It seems a shame to create these things and not share them widely. So! I shall be posting regular updates with writing sparks for a while – at least until I run out of my current list! It’s quite a long list, and at one per week, it’ll take a while to get to the end.

These are here for you to do with as you wish. See what ideas they inspire, what questions they raise. Perhaps they’ll fit into another project or perhaps they’ll start a new one.

You made two deals in exchange for your first born child. Both dealers come to collect at the same time.

Note: many prompts use ‘you’. Feel free to use whatever pronoun you wish in your story, from whatever point of view you like. The ‘you’ in the prompt is simply a character of your (the author’s) choosing.

Watch this space for more sparks!

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