22 April 2021 - 5:00 pm

Writers’ Asylum: Opening Again Soon!

A long hallway leading onwards

It’s almost that time again! Another year rolls by, another Writers’ Asylum steadily approaches.

It has been quite a year for everyone. And it has been a quiet couple of years for this blog. I’m hoping that all of this will improve over the next little while.

I’ve been doing some work to help with this. The first part was some technical work in the background, laying some groundwork that I’ll be building on. That’s all done now, things are ready to move forward, and so am I.

For this blog, the first cab off the rank is this year’s Writers’ Asylum, and I’m so excited to share it with you all! The doors open at 11am, Saturday 1st May (Brisbane time), so set your alarm clocks! Full details are over on the Asylum page, including the timing of the day’s challenges. To join the live broadcast online, come on over to our new WordFamily Discord server.

Spoiler: this year’s theme is Superpowered

There’s more coming up after the Asylum, too! I’m aiming to start posting more writing sparks – because who doesn’t love more writing prompts to use and share? – and then I’ll be planning out what other types of content I want to post on this blog. Got suggestions? Let me know!

Hope you’re all doing well out there. Talk atcha soon!

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